REVIEW – Five Release Brand New Album ‘Time’

Pop band Five have released their brand new album ‘Time’! The collection is now available to listen to on all major streaming platforms!

The album kicks off strong with ‘Kick That Wall Down’ and certainly sets the expectations high for the entire album. For the first time in a long time, fans will be taken back to the classics Five feel with new material. This is certainly a good place to start!

A few tracks later we have ‘Where My Body Goes’. An upbeat track that will have you up and dancing by the first chorus. This is quite sexy one – a slight move away from the 90s cheese you’re used to from the band! We love the line ‘we’ve been in lockdown, we’ve finally got the key’.

Soon after is ‘Reset’ with a more ballad type vibe. The soft introduction is met by the strong vocals and perfect lyrics of change and grief. A feeling that a lot of our viewers are too familiar with, longing for a failed relationship and needing to have a fresh start.

‘Dizzy’ quite quickly throws you back to the rap singing we are familiar with from Five. These verses are always delivered with such passion and are a dream to listen to!

‘Drive’ has a great vibe and the perfect harmonies. The lyrics describe the feeling of a being in the company of a loved one, who you’d drive for miles with. It really does stress the importance of just the most simple task with someone, such as going for a drive, is enough to have a good time.

The ‘Keep on Movin (21remix)’ puts potentially the bands most famous track, in a different light entirely. Although listeners are happy with completely new material, it’s just exciting to hear classic track take on a completely different form.

Overall, this is a great listens for fans both new and existing fans. With a nostalgic feel and a new twist, you’ll have this album on repeat for weeks to come!

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