New Duo Shadow Academy Releases First Single ‘White Whale’

Artists Jim Roach and Dan Avidan have recently joined forces to create an awesome rock duo they’ve called Shadow Academy. They are now ready to unleash their brand-new, debut single titled “White Whale.”

The pair have spent their careers together so far behind the scenes in the studio working in a producer-artist capacity with musical comedy duo Ninja Sex Party. Whilst working together, they discovered that they share the same love for several older bands whose musically focussed around big guitars and anything that packs a punch. During the early days of Covid, Jim started sending Dan new music to work on – mainly to pass the long days of boredom. In return, Dan would work on lyrics and melodies that were mainly inspired by the classic books that he was reading at the time. Thus Shadow Academy and “White Whale” was born. Jim comments;

“After writing our first song, “White Whale,” together we knew we were onto something special”

“White Whale” is a track that will blow your eardrums in the best possible way. It has to be blasted through your speakers, and it has to be played on repeat. It has that classic rock sound whilst also keeping its originality. A unique music video was also dropped alongside the release. It shows an epic animation that creatively brings the song to life – and fans of the group have raved about it immensely online. You can check it out below;

Jim and Dan have already seen success in the industry. Dan is the lead singer of the Billboard chart-topping band Ninja Sex Party and co-host of the YouTube channel Game Grumps. Jim is an Emmy Award winning record producer and songwriter. Now, they are both setting out on a new adventure that will only make them even more established.

“White Whale” is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms, and you can follow Shadow Academy on Twitter and Instagram for further updates!

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