INTERVIEW – Ritchie Neville Reveals All About New FIVE Album ‘Time’

The 90s was the best time when it came to iconic boy bands and girls bands. The Spice Girls were soaring, Backstreet Boys were vibing, and British heartthrobs FIVE came to be.

FIVE were one of the best boy bands after forming back in 1997. They released classic after classic including “Everybody Get Up,” “Keep On Movin'” and “If Ya Gettin’ Down.” You’ll be hard to find a 90s baby that couldn’t sing the lyrics to every one of their songs. Unfortunately, the band split in the early 2000s, leaving their fans heartbroken. They have since reunited on a couple of occasions, but 2022 is the time that Ritchie Neville, Scott Robinson, and Sean Conlon have come together to create an all new Five album filled with completely original songs!

Ritchie is here to tell us all about the new album “Time.” Check it out!

Hello! Thank you so much for having a chat with us. We trust that you’re well? It’s good to see you back and making music once again! You have a new album coming out which is great news. Why don’t you start by telling us a bit about it?

It’s been sometime since you’ve put out a collection of original music.

Why do you feel that now is the time to put out a new album?

For the first time in years we all fancied it, that hasn’t happened often. Lockdowns happened and we just thought, “lets do it.”

How does the general sound differ to your older material? How has your sound developed over time?

In many ways it’s extremely similar yes. There are some wild cards in the album to mix it up a bit but the soul of five is there.

You’ve been in the music industry for a long time. Over the years, how have you seen the industry change? It continues to grow at such a fast pace and must now be drastically different from when you first started as a band? What is something about the industry that you wish to change from your music experience?

Something that springs to mind is artist care. People don’t realise that always having to have a smile on your face for your job can be exhausting when for example, a family members ill or you’re going through a break up or you’re ill. Add all the other pressures. You go from school very often to having the spot light on you and there is a long and well documented list of stars that have struggled. Maybe forcing a bi weekly counselling session for new artists into the contact for them to choose to do it could be beneficial and stop some terrible outcomes and ruined lives.

In addition to this, what advice would you give to an aspiring musician trying to make it into the music scene today?

Just go for really, watch contracts always, trust very few people, let your light shine.

What would you say has been the worst advice you’ve ever been given in your career? So, our readers know what advice to avoid!

I personally disregard any bad advice quite quickly so I don’t recall, trust your instincts.

Performing live is something that all artists have missed over the last couple of years. You must be itching to get back out on stage again! What would you say has been the one thing you’ve missed most about performing?

The connection with the crowd, hands down the best thing about it. The more you give the more you get. 

What’s one question you wish someone would ask you in an interview, but nobody ever does? Please do answer the question you come up with!

Is sex better on holiday.

Yes! All tanned up, something about the sun makes everything sexier

Finally, could you tell us of any future plans that you may have? What’s 2022 looking like for Five?

Release the album and hopefully get right back at it with performing and seeing people again. That 100% what we hope for. We’ve missed it and it’s been a rough couple of years and we all, the crowds too, deserve it.

Five have announced multiple shows and festivals throughout the year. Be sure to snap your tickets up! All information can be found via the bands socials; Facebook, Twitter. “Time” is out today (28th of January) via all major streaming platforms!

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