Netflix add new Drama ‘Stay Close’

One thing that Netflix dramas do well, is the constant twist and turns through their drama series’. ‘Stay Close’ is no exception.

The show follows Megan Pierce (played by Cush Jumbo), who is a proud mum and wife to be. It’s clear from the beginning that she is keen to put her family first. Throughout the episodes, we see how Megan’s past is creeping up on her, as her past life resurfaces through the news of a missing man.

We see the parents of the missing young man greave as they contact the police to report his unknown whereabouts. It’s at this time that Detective Broome (played by James Nesbitt) acknowledges that the date of the disappearance is the same as a missing persons case 17 years prior, the only case he was unable to solve. But could the two be connected? With so many similarities, it’s difficult to believe these are two separate instances. Broome is determined to work out the mystery, and consider all options.

This is a brilliant watch if you’re looking to sink your teeth into a new series. With constant twists and turns, you’ll be surprised with how characters that seemingly don’t know each other are connected. It will really get you thinking, and constantly changing your mind throughout the episodes. One thing’s sure, you wont catch onto the major plot twists.

‘Stay Close’ was written by Harlan Coben, who also wrote Netflix dramas ‘Safe’ and ‘The Stranger’. We look forward to seeing more adaptations of the work from Coben. The series was also directed by Daniel O’Hara and produced by Red Production Company.

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