Gaidaa Shares Stunning Visual for ‘Ride My Way’

Gaidaa is an R&B artist that deserves to be on everyone’s radar. Back in July last year, the soulful songstress dropped her EP titled “Overture.” A single that appeared on this fantastic EP was “Ride My Way.” Now, she shares a beautiful visual to bring the song to life.

“Ride My Way” is an enchanting track that perfectly showcases Gaidaa’s rich, smoky vocals. She draws influences from Neo-Soul and classic jazz to create a sound that is well and truly her own. In visual – which was directed by Johan Verhoeven and Segraphy – you will see the singer in various shots recording her music. It has a very cut an edge vibe that is almost retro. It’s simple yet elegant, a style that suits the track epically.

The single has some powerful meaning behind it as Gaidaa explains;

“‘Ride My Way’ is a song about recalibrating and realizing where you are in this moment. It’s about reflecting on and being reminded of the beautiful things, people, and experiences around us. This song is a letter to myself from me in a good headspace to the me that needs the reminder to just take a chill pill, and stop worrying so much. It’s about actively choosing gratitude in the search for peace of mind.”

Gaidaa hasn’t been on the music all that long although, she’s ready to make an impact right away. Whilst she’s juggling skill alongside her recently launched music career, there is nothing stopping her from diving headfirst into writing, recording, and touring. “Overture” received raving reviews from music critics, and featured collaborations from Saba and Jarreau Vandal.

The singer has big plans for 2022, so be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for further updates!

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