REVIEW: Ed Sheeran Releases New Album ‘=’

Ed Sheeran has released a series of bangers in the form of new album ‘=’. It’s now available to listen to on all major streaming platforms!

The singer songwriter continues to be one of the most successful musicians from the UK, with his unique style of music and create storytelling. He returns after a break from music, to begin a family and celebrate the birth of his daughter. Now, Ed has returned to the music scene with an insane album covering some of the best music of 2021, following the success of singles such as ‘Bad Habits‘.

The album has a strong opening with ‘Tides’ which really sets the scene for the rest of the album. With an upbeat backing track and incredible harmonies, Ed explains the feeling of time standing still and passing in the blink of an eye all at the same time.

A couple of track later we have ‘First Time’. A true song of reflection and opens the mind of the singer, as he describes the feeling of his success. The start of a relationship is full of firsts, which can be exciting and scary!

‘The Joker And The Queen’ is one of the slower songs of the album. Ed is back to his old word playing tricks with this one, with a numerous amount of similes and metaphors of playing cards. This is a gorgeous track and an easy listen.

‘Stop The Rain’ is a belter from the start, with its upbeat tempo and lead up to the chorus. Amazingly, we can imagine the trick blaring on a chilled drive yet at the same time in a nightclub!

Another beautiful track, is ‘Visiting Hours’. A reminder of the loved ones lost, Ed sings how he wishes heaven had visiting hours. A pain unimaginable until it happens, he describes the wanting of explaining to those closest to him how he’s getting on, and meeting his child.

The collection closes with ‘Be Right Now’, which has a unique sound with the reminder of the importance to stand still once in a while. With a work life and packed schedule it can be difficult to stay mindful, however what makes life worth living is the space inbetween.

Overall, listeners and fans of Ed Sheeran continue to be impressed with his incredibly different sound that can be compared to no other. With a combination of ballads and upbeat numbers, there’s a song out there for anyone to add to multiple playlists.

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