the brown kid Drops New Track ’11:11′ ft Nithara Jacob

song artwork - Nithish Pajeer

Hip-hop artist, the brown kid, has recently released his fantastic new single titled “11:11.” It features the wonderful Nithara Jacob and is now available to stream via Spotify!

“11:11” dives into the dives deep into the artist’s past – a time where he was forced to burn some bridges in order to build new ones. We hear about his regrets and realisation, but also about hope. The hope that we’ll receive a second chance, and will be able to fix our wrong doings of the past.

the brown kid – also known as Nithish Shetty – wrote and produced the track, and invited Nithara Jacob to join him on the chorus. Nithara added her stunning vocals to the track , and by doing that, she was able to put her own signature sound to it which created a perfect blend of both musicians talents. It’s a team that we never knew we needed.

In case you haven’t already guessed, the brown kid is an extremely talented rapper from Bangalore, India. He started writing music back in 2019 and drew influences from classic old school hip-hop artists, before later transitioning to various genres such as R&B, Synthwave and Alternative Hip-Hop. He can be easily compared to the likes of some major names within these genres including Kanye West, Jorji, and Jaden Smith however, by experimenting with his sound, he has been able to create music that is undeniably his own.

“11:11” can be described as one of his “slower” songs, but he has been known to have made a couple of dance tracks including his previous singles “Alive and Dancing” and “Bhaagte Reh.” Although, their dance vibes are a unique contrast to his hard hitting meanings. “Alive and Dancing” is centred around drug abuse and its root causes. Whilst his lyrics focus on rather dark topics, they do have that retro dance feel that make the track so addictive to listen to.

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