Marvel Wrap Up ‘What If?’ With a Bang!

The latest Marvel TV series ‘What If?’ has come to an end and fans are still pondering the question.

‘What If?’ Was an incredible introduction to the multi-verse, a place that twists and turns and can be difficult to work out.

The theory is that there are several different versions of our universe, where one small decision can lead to an entirely different ending.

The series has been fun for the House of Marvel, being able to write about crazy storylines that before they didn’t have the chance too, such as a Zombie takeover of our universe.

The series has been a great way to see our favourite characters in a different light. The first episode was to portray the events if Peggy Carter took the super solider strum rather than Steve Rogers. With flashback and de ja vu scenes, we witness the birth of Captain Carter… a world where Captain America doesn’t exist.

Another popular episode featured Doctor Strange. With the desperation of not wanting to live a life with his girlfriend, Christine Palmer, Strange finds himself in a time loop of trying his hardest to keep her alive. Every rewind sees Strange try and alter the last ordeal, and failing.

The final episodes see Ultron not only defeat the Avengers, but grab his hands on the multiverse. He was even able to locate The Watcher, who narrates the series and watched over all versions of the universes.

The Watcher pulls together a star studded lineup of Avengers from different worlds, including happy hour lucky Thor who grew up an only child. Or Black Widow, who still existed in the universe she came from.

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