Light Grey Release New Track ‘PRBLM’ With Music Video

Alt duo Light Grey have recently dropped their banging new single “PRBLM.” It’s definitely one for the alternative fans. Go check it out on Spotify now!

“PRBLM” is a fantastic track that is upbeat foot tap worthy. Despite it’s catchiness, the meaning behind the lyrics focus on quite a serious subject. It talks of a friend who who has addiction problems. We here of those feelings of a friendship being pushed aside in order to rely on that dependency. A music video was released alongside the single that perfectly reflects this sentiment. Using trippy visuals, the Irish duo were able to capture the chaos of the friendship they are singing about. The video is now available to watch via YouTube below;

“PRBLM” is only a snippet of what is to come next, as it was taken off of Light Grey’s upcoming EP “Are You Even Real” – which is due to be released on the 29th of October! We can already tell that the EP is going to be a good one. Their sound is just so addictive, it will leave you craving for more. It has that sense of nostalgia. Early 2000s punk is a sound that we all loved, and Light Grey will transport you back to that wonderful era.

When talking about the single, bassist and backing vocals of Light Grey, Mickey Connolly explains;

“The line “little pictures” in the chorus is a reference to the first picture we ever took together with our friend in a photo booth that carried a lot of sentimental value which was lost when the friendship ended.”

Other half of the pair Ciaran Nevin adds;

“I actually recorded the track to submit as a project for college. I didn’t expect anything really to come of it other than for the assignment… But then I showed Mikey the track while we were in the studio writing some other songs and he loved it.”

This is a pair that you are bound to love, so let’s talk a bit more about them. Back in 2018, Ciaran and Mickey stepped out onto alternative scene by releasing their debut EP “Beginners Luck.” Since then, they have been exploring their sound in more depth and released three more singles throughout 2019 and 2020. Now, they are ready to drop a new collection of songs and we can’t wait.

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