Tom Walker and Masked Wolf Connect on ‘Something Beautiful’

credit: Matt Holyoak

After a long two years, Tom Walker finally returns with new music. His incredible new single “Something Beautiful” featuring Masked Wolf is out now on all major streaming platforms!

“Something Beautiful” is catchy yet meaningful track that you will have on repeat. It’s acoustic driven with a huge trap beat to give it some extra edge. Tom worked alongside rapper Masked Wolf and producer Steve Mac. Together they were able to create something magical. It starts off with a fantastic rap by Masked Wolf, before Tom showcases his iconic and unique voice. The blend of their music styles gel together perfectly. It’s truly a match made in heaven.

When talking about the creative process for “Something Beautiful,” Tom Walker explains;

“I’d already been working on the song when I heard ‘Astronaut In The Ocean’ and we asked Masked Wolf if he would have a go. He sent back a verse after a few hours and it was exactly what the song needed. I’d been going round the houses on different verses, never landing the right thing, but as soon as we added Masked Wolf into the mix, the song just worked! It’s about being super grateful for what you do have. Finding ‘Something Beautiful’ in the dark times.”

Masked Wolf adds further;

“When I heard the song, I thought what in God’s name is this?! There was so much emotion, it gave me goosebumps – I had to jump on it straight away. I felt there was a connection with Tom’s lyrics because I love talking about emotions and topics that matter.”

Both artists are not strangers to the music scene. Last year, Maksed Wolf’s fame grew as he re-release his track “Astronaut in the Ocean”.  The song quickly accumulated a massive 75 million streams in under a month! It also peaked at Number 4  in Australia and reached number six on the Billboard Hot 100. Tom’s global streams are currently over a humungus two billion, and he was the biggest selling UK signed artist of 2019. “Something Beautiful” is only the very beginning of hiss next chapter as he prepares for an album release next year.

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