Chelsea Carmichael Releases New Single ‘Bone and Soil’ 

Credit - Adam Jollah

Saxophonist Chelsea Carmichael has recently released her stunning new single “Bone and Soil.” The track is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms!

“Bone and Soil” is a wonderful piece of music that works perfectly in the background on any activity you are doing. It’s easy to appreciate whether you’re out on the road, studying, doing housework, or if you simply want to sit back and enjoy a fantastic piece of art. The single was created at London’s iconic RAK studios by Will Purton and recorded with Eddie Hick (Sons of Kemet), Dave Okumu (The Invisible) and Tom Herbert (The Invisible; Polar Bear).

When talking about the single, Chelsea Carmichael comments;

“‘Bone and Soil’ is an ode to one of my favourite poems by Nayyirah Waheed, titled ‘melanin | Bone and Soil’ It reads: We write from the body. / It remembers everything.”

To all you jazz fans, there is even more to come from Chelsea. “Bone and Soil” is just part of a whole album of superb jazz music. The musician will be releasing her new record “The River Doesn’t Like Strangers” on the 22nd of October. The title of the album was inspired by the words of Chelsea’s dad on the Rio Grande in Jamaica: the river that goes through the centre of his home village of Grants Level, in the parish of Portland.

She adds;

“I feel that the way that I play on this record draws inspiration from the lineage of black music making and the Caribbean Diasporas. It only felt right to reference my own lineage, and what has always been inside me even before a saxophone was put in my hands.”

Chelsea was born in Warrington is a Conservatoire-trained musician who has already been part of a Mercury-nominated band. It’s not hard to see that musical talent is in her bones. She makes it look so easy, a true natural. She currently plays with Theon Cross, the Neue Grafik Ensemble. After a performance together in May 2019 at the Total Refreshment Centre-affiliated Church of Sound with South African band The Brother Moves, Shabaka saw Chelsea’s potential and invited her to record the first release on the new label.

And now here we are, waiting for the release of her debut album. Chelsea Carmichael is one to watch out for, so be sure to check out her Twitter and Instagram to ensure you don’t miss out on any further news!

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