Charlotte Sands Releases ‘Every Guy Ever’

Charlotte Sands has released her brilliant new single ‘Every Guy Ever’. It’s now available to listen to on all major streaming platforms!

From Massachusetts, Charlotte grew up listening to early 2000’s pop punk and has been obsessed with the vibe ever since. Since the very beginning of her musical career, Charlotte has formed an incredible talent of connecting with her fans through story telling and relatability.

‘Every Guy Ever’ comes after the amassed success of her previous single ‘Dress’. With a whopping 10 million streams and a number that’s growing every hour of the day, Charlotte broke the top 100 on the iTunes Pop Chart.

The track begins soft and breezy, shortly leading into the classic pop punk sound we’ve learned to love from Charlotte. The song is a true reminder that some guys can really play with your emotions, and it can get to a point where you feel like giving up on love altogether. Unfortunately, the feeling has been felt by too many people who have experienced being screwed over.

When discussing the track, Charlotte said:

“‘Every Guy Ever’ is a song about every guy, ever. You say that you love him, and he’s like ‘whatever.’ You say you don’t want him, he wants you forever. It’s a song that started as a voice memo in my phone when I was drunk with my friends walking home from a bar. It’s a song for anyone who has ever been lead on or left hanging and is tired of dating different people and dealing with the same old shit.”

With the desperation to fall out of the same routine in relationships, Charlotte sums up the feeling of finally giving up and giving in at the same time. Truly powerful stuff. A song to recognise your worth and acknowledge you deserve better.

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