Logan Mize Releases Album ‘Welcome to Prairieville’

Logan Mize has released his long anticipated new album, ‘Welcome to Prairieville’. It’s available to listen to on major streaming platforms!

Logan is a popular singer songwriter from Clearwater, Kanas, His great uncle Billy Mize, was heavily involved with creating the legendary Bakersfield sound, including music from Merle Haggard and Buck Owens.

Back in 2010, Logan began his career shortly after moving to Nashville, signing a publishing and record deal with Yellow Dog Music. Since then, he has spent the next years playing across all towns and venues across America.

As well as the announcement of the new album, Logan has also released a music video for ‘I Need Mike’. The video has an incredible intro like no other, really setting the gloomy scene of what lies ahead. Coping with poor mental health and the decreasing ability to bounce back, Logan portrays how difficult it can be to complete every day tasks. However, friendship is always a coping mechanism that hopefully, many of our viewers can relate to.

The album opens with ‘George Strait Songs’, complete with the country twang fans have learned to love from Logan Mize. With a sense of coming home, this is certainly fitting as an opening track.

A couple of songs later, we have ‘River Road’. With a series of hypothetical questions, the lyrics really has his listeners thinking about what ‘home’ means to them and the places we’ve stopped along the way.

‘If You Get Lucky’ is an upbeat track that will stay on loop in your mind all day. With a foot-tapping melody, we can imagine this one to be a self-loving hit for all ages.

The album closes with ‘It’s About Time’ and will have you thinking about how far you’ve come with life so far. A true song of reflection. The track is the perfect ending to what could only be described as one of the best country albums of 2021.

When discussing the album, Logan said:

“My buddy Blake Chaffin and I have been writing together for several years. Early on in our careers, we came up with this concept where we’d basically write songs about an imaginary place that we came to know as ‘Prairieville’,” Mize explains. “Growing up in middle-of-nowhere towns, we took all the characters we’ve encountered over the years, stories that stood out to us and just our life experiences overall, and from there, we painted our own versions into this tiny town. When it’s all said and done, it isn’t exactly a place you can pinpoint on a map, but I like to think it’s a representation of all the one-stoplight towns across the nation. At the very least, we’ve all driven through a Prairieville.”

All but one of the 11 tracks were co-written by Logan. His co-writer, Blake Chaffin, helped with the creation of the masterpiece. It is the perfect vibe for personal growth and going back to your roots. Inspired by his own hometown and upbringing, Logan has allowed listeners to reflect and imagine their own Prairieville.

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