KEANA Drops All-New Single ‘Teardrops’

LA based pop artist KEANA has recently released her dreamy new single titled “Teardrops.” The track is now available everywhere via Spotify!

“Teardrops” is a single that many listeners are likely to relate to. It talks about being in a relationship with someone who feels insecure about themselves, despite not showing those feelings on the outside. This then leads to them taking that out the partner they are with. It’s a touching track about the importance of self-love within a relationship.

When talking about “Teardrops,” KEANA explains;

 ” ‘Teardrops’ speaks about realizing someone can only love you as much as they love themselves. The story is about being in a relationship with a “Fixer-upper,” this person seems put together on the outside but deep down they’re filled with insecurity and fear which often gets taken out on the partner. Eventually I take comfort in feeling my emotions and wish the other person would do the same.”

“Teardrops” was released alongside a stunning music video which perfectly captures the essence of the song. The video is now available to view via YouTube below;

KEANA is a multi-talented artist. Her genre is a blend of pop and electronic and not only is she an incredible vocalist, but she is also producer, audio engineer, and sound designer. Her vision is to create a dream world that is constructed out of melancholic vocals, lush synth landscapes and hard-hitting beats. Originally, her plan was to focus on her vocal ability and songwriting however, she caught the music bug and dived even deeper into her craft. After learning all about electronic production, she is now able to create her own sonic world. Having full control of her sound, she is able to connect deeper with every song she creates.

She adds;

 “Music is a healing gift, a chance for people to connect with others, to think, to feel, to let go, to escape.”

There is no telling what the future holds for KEANA, but it is bound to be big. to ensure that you don’t miss out on any further updates, you can follow the singer on Facebook and Instagram!

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