Clarke And The Himselfs Drop ‘Weighted Down’

Clarke And The Himselfs have released smashing new track ‘Weighted Down’. The song is now available to listen to on Spotify!

‘Weighted Down’ describes the feeling that the globe has suffered with for a while now. With a global pandemic and concerns with American politics, the track is a refreshing reminder of the real world.

The perfect harmonies and incredible range of vocals are clear from the start. Clarke has a very individual voice, the type that can be compared to no other. The upbeat track clashes perfectly with the anxiety riddled lyrics. This is certainly one for a playlist to suit any mood!

Along with the new track comes an accompanying music video. Showing Clarke in her truest form and showing her more vulnerable side, the 90s handheld vibe is certainly a must watch.

When discussing the new track, Clarke said:

For years it was easier for me to leave than it was to stay. There was nothing grounded in my life and I was trying to work on that. Everybody’s also dealing with historical reparations and restituting the crimes of the past. At the same time everyone’s just at each other’s throats. But they’re not really. It’s an illusion. It’s being forced on to us the moment it happens. When I wrote Weighted Down there was the thought I had that in light of everything going on, there was something really comfortable about the idea of being crushed to death as a reasonable way out. Metaphorically, or otherwise.”

As well as addressing public concerns that are relatable, ‘Weighted Down’ is also an expression for Clarke individually at the time of a crossroads. At a time where constant touring was taking it’s toll, the song came from a place of the need for grounding and acceptance.

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