The Regrettes Return with Video for Single ‘Monday’

The Regrettes have recently dropped a new music video for their single titled “Monday.” The fun track is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms!

“Monday” is a bouncy, fun-loving track that will help lift your mood, even on those rainy days. The high energy that it unleashes will have you bouncing off the walls. It’s the perfect song to run to, add to your gym playlist, or if you just want to let off some steam.

The single was released alongside an equally fun-loving music video, which perfectly demonstrates the vibe of the track. The Regrettes teamed up with director Dillon Dowdell, and together they successfully bought their vision to life. Upon watching, you will be taken back to your school days. Whether that is a good thing is entirely up to you, either way, that sense of nostalgia you’ll experience through watching will be very real. It has a lot of charming awkwardness, filled with lovable misfits, and is likely to resonate deeply with anyone that watches.

When talking about the video, lead singer Lydia Night explains;

 “The video introduces ‘Joy’, a spooky pink character representing the false image of one’s ‘perfect and ideal self’, which began to taunt me and I think many people in middle school. She will be an ongoing character and theme in music to come. We had a blast making it with some of our besties.”

The video is now available to watch via YouTube below;

The Regrettes consists of four wonderful artists; Lydia Night, Genessa Gariano (guitar), Brooke Dickson (bass) and Drew Thomsen (drums). “Monday” is the first release the band has put out into the world since their 2019 album “How Do You Love?” When talking about the single, Lydia adds;

 “I wrote our new song ‘Monday’ on Zoom during the pandemic with my producer Tim Pagnotta and talented writer Michelle Buzz. At the time I was pretty much at the peak of my anxiety disorder, every morning I was waking up and absolutely dreading the idea of functioning and being ‘productive’ (whatever the hell that even means) for another day. Like most of us, I was still at home, where all my issues still existed. So, whatever I was dealing with didn’t slowly fade away while stuck in traffic on the way to go write somewhere. I didn’t have the space to think of ‘what do I want to write about,’ instead, I just rolled out of bed and all my horrible fucking thoughts were still with me, just waiting to be unboxed. As LA locked down, I felt a huge part of my identity and ego being stripped away because of no touring, and no connecting with people at our shows. I’ve been touring since about the age of 12, so I had to come up with a new way to function in the world. It was really rough, and still is rough, but I found writing this song to be super therapeutic. It’s special that this is the first song we’ve put out in a while because it’s an important moment in time for me to mark. Part of the healing process for me is really learning and trying my best to keep on dancing the pain away so I hope people can relate to that and dance with me, even if it’s not at a show and in the safety of their own kitchen.”

The single certainly opens a new chapter in their life that we’re all excited for. One thing that will always stay the same however, is the energy and power that they put into their live performances. “Monday” will be no exception to the rule and is bound to be an absolute belter in front of a live audience.

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