Sweets and Luke Royalty Release New Track ‘Toy Story’

Sweets and Luke Royalty have joined forces by releasing their brand-new track titled “Toy Story.” The single is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms!

Both artists are very different from each other however, they have proven that opposites most definitely attract. Sweets was born in Newcastle, now living in Manchester, and has become part of a new generation of sound outside of London. His music is a combination of a variety of different genres. The ones that he fits into the most has to be grime, drill, and hip-hop. This blend creates a unique sound that can appeal to anyone. In his music, he explores and documents his life with dark humour and honesty that paints a true picture of his life in the city.

Luke Royalty knows all about his music as he grew up in a creative family – surrounded by artists and musicians. However, he himself didn’t start experimenting in music until he was in his teens. He was more interested in sport than he was in anything else. Although, he discovered his love for music when he was highly influenced by talented artists such as Amy Winehouse and Mac Miller. He was drawn to the art of turning his words into music. After that influence hit, there was no turning back.

Now, the two amazing artists have come together for their new single. “Toy Story” is a fun bop that perfectly combines both of their talents. Sweets and Luke Royalty have managed to merge their own uniqueness together, and created a song that suits both of their styles. This can be a rather difficult thing to do, but you can hear both influences in the track. The lyrics are so catchy, you’ll wish you knew all of the words instantly. Fear not though, after a few listens – and you will have this song on repeat – and you will be able to rap along fluently in no time.

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