Our Top 5 Unlikely Collaborations

From time to time, the most unusual and unlikely collaborations come together to produce music. Fortunately, this can work really well!

After much consideration, we have put together our Top 5 scenarios of this instance. Surprisingly, there have been some proper bangers from unlikely pairings.

5) Nelly & Tim McGraw

Our first favourite unlikely duo is Nelly and Tim McGraw. At the time, Nelly was an R’n’B sensation, following the success of tracks such as ‘Ride Wit Me’, ‘Country Grammar’ and ‘Dilemma with Kelly Rowland. Completing the collab is Tim McGraw, who is known across the world for his contributions towards country music. Who knew that they’d grace their audience with such a banger? Their laid back pop anthem ‘Over and Over’ remains a popular choice for both artists.

4) Fall Out Boy & Elton John

‘Save Rock and Roll’ is a joint effort between no other than Fall Out Boy, and icon Elton John. This upbeat song is a favourite for both fan bases, and is arguably the most popular on Fall Out Boys’ album of the same title. It’s crazy to think of, but once you listen to it you’ll see exactly why these collaborations works perfectly!

3) Queen & 5ive

These two boy bands of completely different generations and genres, came together at the Brit Awards 2000 to perform ‘We Will Rock You’. Their performance was incredibly powerful, full of energy and good vibes. This is certainly a top pick for unlikely collaborations!

2) Rihanna, Kanye West & Paul McCartney

Ok, so at some point you may have seen Rihanna and Kanye coming together. Their of a similar genre and time. However, also featuring on their track ‘FourFiveSeconds’ features no other than The Beatles’ Paul McCartney. The acoustic vibe suits all artists involved perfectly, with remarkable vocals from Rihanna. The three combine harmonies in such a beautiful way.

1) Sting & Shaggy

Not only did 80s heartthrob Sting, and naughty boy Shaggy come together for a song, they birthed an entire collection together. The musical style of each artist separately couldn’t be further away on the musical style scale, but this combination of factors has lead to some real bangers.

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