Sarah Proctor Releases Heart-Wrenching Single ‘Tired’

Rising artist Sarah Proctor, has recently released her absolutely stunning new single “Tired.” The track is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms!

“Tired” is an extraordinary ballad that showcases Sarah’s soothing vocals that seem to flow right of the tongue with little effort. The way it is sung, you can hear every ounce of vulnerability within each word. Lyrically, the songstress addresses an honest account of someone who realises that they have done all that they can in their failing relationship. They see that they must close the chapter to that part of the story.

When talking about the track, Sarah Proctor explains;

“Tired is inspired by every person who loves to a fault, when you excuse someone’s behaviour because you want so badly for this person to be who you want them to be, and who you originally fell in love with. But sometimes things change and people change, and you become tired of excusing that person’s behaviour. It’s about noticing when someone’s making you more sad than happy.”

“Tired was also released alongside a beautiful music video – which is now available to watch via YouTube below;

Over the past two years, Sarah has been creating a buzz with her delicate songwriting talents. She is originally from a small town called Billingham in County Durham. After coming out at the age of 19, she travelled to LA where she was surrounded by the gay community who helped her embrace her identity. She is now inspiring others to be able to feel comfortable with who they are.

In her time on the music scene, she has released multiple singles and an EP – altogether wrapping up to over 1million streams on Spotify. An impressive number for an artist who has yet to release an album! She is a talent that is hard to ignore that’s for sure.

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