INTERVIEW – Eleri Angharad Talks New Releases, Nights Out and More!

Eleri Angharad is a singer from Swansea, exploring her experience into song. The EP ‘NightClub Floor’ is available to listen to on Spotify!

‘Nightclub Floor’ depicts the perfect night out, from start to finish. By exploring stories such as the start of a love affair and the pressures of saying ‘I Love You’, you’ll find yourself relating to the EP in more ways than you once thought. 

The title from the album comes from the track of the same name. ‘Nightclub Floor’ is a gorgeous ballad and really brings the collection together. The sober feeling of being alone or the hungover anxiety that is often experienced, it’s enough to bring anyone to an emotional brink. 

In light of the new release, we had the chance to ask some of those all important questions about the EP. Read on for more information on what inspired the album, the perfect night out and more!

You mention that ‘Nightclub Floor’ is the complete concept of a night out. So first things first, what’s your go to song to get ready to? 

So hear me out.. My manager has recently got into Florida Georgia Line so if we ever go out together we’ll blast their track Lil’ Bit featuring Nelly. It’s proper Bro Country meets Hip-Hop and really cheesy! 

You’ve worked hard on this EP for 2 years. What’s been your favourite part of the production?

One of my favourite parts has been working on the marketing campaigns! For ‘New Sin’in particular we created some really cool creepy videos to represent each of the seven sins and I asked various friends to do voice overs of a script we’d written. I didn’t tell any of them what it was for either; it was all very cryptic. 

We’ve already heard some of the tracks as single releases, such as ‘Delete It’ ‘Blank Walls’ and ‘New Sin’. Which new track are you most excited for fans to hear and why? 

Well it has to be the title track ‘Nightclub Floor’, which I wrote about my best friend who lives in Ireland, I compiled a lot of our memories into it so it’s a really special song for me and I hope people can relate to it! There’s also the acoustic version of ‘New Sin’ which is super exciting because it sounds so different to the original, 

Keeping with the theme, what’s your dream night out?

It would probably start with pre drinks or some great live music and end in chips and beans on the way home! I’m a big fan of a rave too, or I’d love to go to a cool drum’n’bass night in somewhere like Bristol. 

You’ve really brought your own sound to the country scene. Do you have any specific influences who helped inspire the EP? 

I’ve been listening to a lot of modern country like Kacey Musgraves and Maren Morris, but I also love pop artists like Lorde so this EP has been infused with some pop sounds which has been a lot of fun.

You’ve covered a lot of area when it comes to your live performances. What’s your favourite venue you’ve played at and why? 

A few years ago I got to support folk artist Blair Dunlop and Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff, which was absolutely gorgeous and had such incredible acoustics! So I’d probably say there, although I also love my hometown venue Cinema & Co, which is a really cool independent cinema that do live music too. 

On the back of that, is there a venue that you’d love to play one day?

Oh absolutely! I’d love to play the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, it’s always been a dream of mine, it’s so iconic. I’d love to play one of their writers’ rounds. 

We’ve loved your solo stuff! However, who would your dream collaboration be with and why?

Ooh that’s a tough one.. There’s a duo from Nashville I love called Steel Ivory that I’ve been loving since I did a live stream with them last year so I’d love to write something with them. I’d love to do a duet in the future too with UK Country legend Tim Prottey-Jones.. I do hope he’s reading this.. hint hint! 

Your lyrics are super relatable. Which track from Nightclub Floor do you relate to the most? 

Oooh thank you! Blank Walls is definitely the one for me. I wrote it when I was in quite a dark and confusing place and it really helped me at least try to make sense of that situation. Songwriting is definitely a therapeutic way for me to work through feelings so I hope that music can help other people understand theirs too. 

You’ve had a really incredible music career so far! What does the future hold for you? 

That’s so lovely of you to say, honestly couldn’t do it without the support of blogs and writers like yourselves! I’ve been writing a lot so I’ve actually got a few releases in the pipeline for the rest of this year and 2022. I’d love to play more gigs, festivals and go on tour again. I’m also setting up a Country Night called Rodeo Town, so I can bring more country artists to Wales and put on some really cool shows. 

Eleri’s EP ‘Nightclub Floor’ is now available to listen to on Spotify. With a range of experiences, vocal talent and song writing, there really is something for everyone.

Bedroom Walls Track List:

  1. New Sin
  2. Delete It
  3. Nightclub Floor
  5. New Sin (Acoustic Version)

The future is certainly bright for the songstress, to be kept up to date with future releases and new information you can follow her of Instagram and Twitter.

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