MUSIC REWIND: Westlife – ‘Westlife’ vs. ‘Spectrum’

Whether you grew up with the group or know someone with their posters on the bedroom wall, Westlife remain a household name.

With a successful music career spanning over 20 years, Westlife have brought together fans from all ages and backgrounds. Their first album release was back in ‘1999’, showcasing the talents of all 5 original members.

‘If I Let You Go’ was a popular single track as one as one of the favourites from the album. The song describes the feeling of deep down knowing you may need to part ways eventually, and expressing how difficult that may be. This is a real ‘what if?’ question asking piece!

‘Fool Again’ is a feeling that listeners unfortunately can relate to all too well. After receiving bad news or going through a break up, it’s easy to reflect and think you should have seen it coming. It’s all about communication, and how sometimes it’s easier to be black and white with your emotions to ensure you’re both on the same page.

‘What I Want Is What I Got’ has the typical boyband vibe that Westlife were known for. This empowering track brings listeners to the conclusion that if you want something, you must be motivated and have determination to succeed.

After reforming and creating more music to mature yet still sound like their classic feel, Westlife’s last album release was ‘Spectrum’ in 2019. This was a real full circle moment for the group, marking 20 years since their first collection.

‘Hello My Love’ is a great example of a new era for Westlife. The song describes how the way we see ourselves can impact a relationship, and those little things we see as flaws in ourselves can be the exact reasons why that special person loves you.

‘One Last Time’ has emotional vocals throughout. Describing the heartbreaking feeling of rejection, it can be horrible to not have that person understand just how much you’re hurt.

‘Without You’ is an incredibly uplifting song from the album. This track is a love letter to a special person and explaining why you can’t live without them. With this having the potential to be about a friend, family member or partner, fans find themselves relating to this song on an emotional level.

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