MUSIC REWIND: Little Mix – ‘DNA’ vs. ‘Confetti’

Fans have grown up with Little Mix who are arguably the most successful girl group of recent times, displaying musical and personal growth.

After their win on The X Factor in 2011, Little Mix have continued to be the only group that have won the competition in the UK. After recent news that the show has now been axed, they will continue to hold this title. Judges and fans alike saw their potential from the very start, with each member bringing their own style and vocals to the group.

The first album release from Little Mix was ‘DNA’. Here are some fan favourite tracks that you may not have heard for a while!

‘Wings’ was an incredibly popular release for Little Mix, as it helped showcase their signature sound. The song metaphorically describes where their career was at this time, breaking away from the X Factor contracts, spreading their wings and doing their own thing.

‘Always Be Together’ is a real stand out track for the ‘DNA’ collection. With a slower temp and meaningful lyrics, the song uncovers the friendships established between band member at such an early stage. The lyrics describe the warm feeling of knowing someone is there for you, even if you don’t see them very often.

‘Love Drunk’ has a funky vibe with the most incredible harmonies from the girls. The upbeat track will have you up and dancing by the second verse! Little Mix describe the refreshing feeling of meeting someone new and clicking straight away in an awesome way.

Their most recent album ‘Confetti’ was released in 2020 and was the last collection as a 4-piece. With a mature sound and a considerable amount of emotion, it has become one of their most successful achievements to date.

‘Break Up Song’ is a powerful opening for the album. Describing how empowering a break up can be, it can be a great time to reflect how to handle your emotions and move on.

‘Confetti’ is the tune that inspired the title of the album and is Little Mix in their purest form. With its’ R’n’B vibe, each ban member brings their own style to the song. ‘Confetti’ is uplifting and confidence boosting for all listeners!

‘Breath’ is the closing track and has a gospel feel from the beginning. There are on-going harmonies throughout, and depicts the feeling of not being able to get over someone, and how this can feel like you can’t breath. The suffocating emotion is portrayed through subtle lyrics and emotional vocals.

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