Tom Williams Releases ‘Follow The Leader’

Celebrating 10 years since his first album release, Tom Williams has thrilled fans with the release of new LP ‘Follow The Leader’. The collection is available to listen to on Spotify!

Initially, the LP was finished back in March 2020, however due to lockdown and a massive societal change, Tom wanted to reflect on the songs and have time to reconsider. ‘Follow The Leader’ has been supported by Wire Boat Records, and has been co-produced by Keane’s Tim Rice-Oxley, making this one for the playlist!

The record has an incredibly strong opening with ‘Petrol Station’. The perfect clash on instruments will have your foot tapping within seconds. This really is the most awesome introduction to the new era of Tom Williams, and sets up the rest of the album.

A couple of tracks later we have ‘D’Ya Understand’. With an interesting opening of sound effects that sounds like flicking through cable channels in the 90’s, it’s a track that fans will adore. The lyrics will really open your eyes (and ears) to the media around us, and asks the questions that as a society we should be asking more of.

‘Follow The Leader’ is a popular song as well as the LP title. With this one comes a music video, the physical demonstration of running away can also be seen as a metaphor of avoiding your own mental state.

‘Little Did We Know’ has a gorgeous piano melody, working well with the ambience of the track. This song will really make you step back and look at things in a different way – how every day to day tasks and actions can be effected by big life changes.

The LP finished with track ‘Hard Year’, which is a title we can all relate to. There’s a real chilled out vibe with this one. Truly from start to finish, Tom has managed to complete a full circle story telling journey for his listeners.

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