Assemble Release Debut Single ‘Blue Monday’

Assemble have recently dropped their debut single “Blue Monday.” The track is now available to stream via Spotify!

Assemble are a group like no other. They are a contemporary, mixed voice choir based in the UK whose music is filled to the brim with originality. Their aim as a group is to shed light on the world of acapella and make the genre their own. Their cover of “Blue Monday” has everything you want in a song, all using the power of their voices. You will hear beatboxing, bass humming, euphoric vocal melodies, harmonies and charming breakdowns – all of which will come as a surprise. Nothing can prepare you for the uniqueness of this song.

Lead vocalist, Barbara Pursey explains;

“The single is not so much a protest narrative but a recognition of self and others and how we can come together through working together to see and appreciate our differences and similarities with a big dance at the end… HOPE.”

Like so many other artists, they worked on this song through lockdown via Zoom. They had hundreds of separate vocal parts that they then had to put together in order to create this wonderful track. It also sees their first collaboration with SK Shlomo – the first-ever World Looping Champion.

Vocal producer, MD and Assemble founder, Juliet Russell says;

“I could just hear the track vocally – the undulating synths, the pads, the low choir sustained notes, the nod to disco”

The singers that form the group all come from diverse music and culture backgrounds. Assemble is the perfect name for them as they are able to come together and use their different backgrounds to create a true form of art.

Be sure to check out “Blue Monday” – you won’t regret it. If you like what you hear, you can follow Assemble on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates on what they are up to!

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