Spearmint Announce Album ‘Holland Park’

Spearmint have thrilled fans with the announcement of their new album ‘Holland Park’, due to be released on 17th September. You can pre-order here.

The band have often been referred to as ‘Britain’s best kept secret’, and have been making great music that spans across decades of hard work. Still with the same line-up, Spearmint consists of Shirley Lee on vocals and guitar, Simon Calnan on vocals and keyboard, James Parsons on guitar and bass, and Ronan Larvor on drums. Impressively, the new album will be their 57th release on their own label, hitBACK.

As well as the album announcement, Spearmint have also released new single ‘Walk Away From Hollywood’. The upbeat track is the classic sound you’ve learned to love from Spearmint. With each of the band members bringing their own style and originality to the song, fans are really gearing to hear the rest of the album.

When discussing the new album, frontman Shirley Lee said:

‘“Walk Away From Hollywood” is a celebration of walking away from your dreams, of having to change path halfway through your life. In the context of the album, it’s about coping when the band you’re in splits up, and you have to figure out what to do next, given that your dream has come to nothing.

With the support of producer Rhodri Marsden and contributions from Andy Lewis, Spearmint really feel as though this is their best record yet.

‘Holland Park’ will explore a wide range of emotions, from upset and anger to excitement and happiness. Based on what it’s like to be a part of a band and the relationships that form along the way, as well we what it’s like to walk away from a band. The album will also touch on the feeling of losing a hero, following the death of their common inspiration, David Bowie.

To be made aware of new information and future releases, you can check out their website.

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