REVIEW – Anne-Marie Releases New Album ‘Therapy’

Anne-Marie has released her brand new album ‘Therapy’. The collection is now available to listen to on all major streaming platforms!

Anne-Marie has really stepped up the game in the music business over the last couple of years, and has become a household name. With a number of top hits and popular collaborations, the time has come for her to showcase her second album.

‘Therapy’ has a strong opening with ‘x2’. Showcasing the vocal abilities with a range of pitches from the beginning, fans believe this is a great way to begin the album. This track is about revenge, and how in the heat of the moment you can be capable of hurting the person who upset you twice over.

The new album also has the track ‘Kiss My (Uh Oh)’. Long term R&B fans will recognise the backing track, is it samples the classic Lumidee track ‘Uh Oh’. The song is one of a few collaborations on the album, and has recently had a music video released.

A few tracks later, we have ‘Who I Am’. Listeners will have this on repeat after the first listen, and is super relatable. Anne-Marie is able to list what she believes are her flaws, yet at the same time singing how these are the things that make her who she is.

Further on ‘Therapy’, we find ‘Breathing’. This is a truly beautiful track, describing the feeling of finding ‘the one’, hoping since a young age that the right person for you is out there but being too scared to believe that could actually be true.

‘Tell Your Girlfriend’ is an upbeat track, about receiving unwanted calls or texts from an old flame. With this person also being in a new relationship, is it really fair on anyone that this keeps happening?

Closing the album is the titled ‘Therapy’. Showing her vulnerabilities, Anne-Marie opens up to believing that love and other romanticised theories were the answer to happiness, however in order to move on you need to admit to needing ‘Therapy’. This can come in many forms, however the most important message portrayed is to look after yourself!

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