Drake Milligan Releases Self-Titled Debut EP

Drake Milligan has released his brand new EP. It is now available to listen to on all major streaming platforms!

At only 19 years old, Drake moved from Fort Worth, Texas, to Nashville, Tennessee. With a passion for Country music, he followed his dreams of creating his own material. He attended recording and song writing sessions with a number of artists, where he was taught how to tell a story through music. Producers also showed his now to use microphones effectively and how to make the most out of the studio. Now 23, Drake is ready to release his debut EP.

The new EP shows his classic old school sound in a new innovative way. With the ability to recreate vintage with a modern twist, he was able to co-write every song on the EP with a sound that fans have learned to love from Drake. The new release really has shown off his skills, from upbeat entertaining songs to more soulful, heartfelt ballads.

‘Over Thinkin’ Under Drinkin’ really shows who Drake is as an artist. With his ability to use the fiddle and steel, as well as appreciating the art of fast talking in ‘Sounds Like Somethin’ I’d Do’, it is clear that all aspects of song writing and performing is a natural talent of his.

‘Don’t Look Down’ is a ballad co-written by Drake. It describes the feeling of being on a night out and feeling like you’ve fallen in love when locking eyes with a stranger across the dance floor. While listing everything he loves about her, you’ll get goosebumps all over while he sings this so passionately.

When discussing the new EP, Drake Milligan said:

“The greatest pleasure of creating this EP was getting a masterclass in country music from the best songwriters, musicians, producers and engineers that Nashville has to offer. I hope y’all will have as much fun listening to these songs as I had making them!” 

The new release was co-produced by award-winning producer Tony Brown, and Brandon Hood.

You can find the track listing below:

1. Over Drinkin’ Under Thinkin’
2. Don’t Look Down
3. Kiss Goodbye All Night
4. She
5. Sounds Like Somethin’ I’d Do

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