JUST!JOSH Releases Stunning Track ‘The Natural World’

Neo-Classical pianist and composer, JUST!JOSH, has just released his wonderful new track “The Natural World.” The song is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms!

JUST!JOSH – real name Josh Rowe – started his musical journey when he was just eleven when he started to learn piano. Over the years, he has taken influence from the likes of Ludovico Einaudi, Yann Tiersen and Nils Frahm. Now at the age of nineteen, he is currently studying an undergraduate degree in music. He has also recently joined organisations such as the YCC (Young Composers Community) – who he collaborated with on his previous single “Finding Freedom.” His brand-new single “The Natural World” showcases his spectacular skill. Many artists his age are unlikely to choose classical music as their passion, but with this track in particular, you are able to hear that passion that Josh has through the way he glides his fingers over the keys.

When talking to Tone Radio, the composer explains;

My music is there to help the listener relax and de-stress. I used to fall asleep listening to piano music and now I can create it myself”

 This genre of music may have helped him fall asleep as a listener, and now he is able to do the same through his music. If you have had a busy day at work, or life is particularly stressful, Josh’s music will help put your mind at ease. It’s perfect for meditation, yoga, or any other mindfulness activity Or perhaps you would like to wind down after exam season? Or maybe even need some background noise to help you study? Whatever it is you’re doing, “The Natural World” will most likely put you mind at peace.

The track also has a rather deep meaning behind it. It demonstrates the struggle between humans and nature. Josh explains;

“‘The Natural World’ is about the struggle between mankind and the nature that surrounds it. The track builds momentum as it progresses before eventually fading out, mirroring the complexity of manmade machinery increasing and dominating the nature around it and how all the natural world could fade out of existence if we are not careful.”  

JUST!JOSH is hoping to release an EP in the year of 2022! Be sure you don’t miss out on any news by following him on Instagram for updates.

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