The NEVER AGAIN Association Announce ‘One Race – Human Race. Music Against Racism: Part 2’

The Never Again Association have recently announced that the iconic album “One Race – Human Race. Music Against Racism: Part 2” will be released on vinyl for the first time. The full album can now be listened to below;

The compilation of the album was first put together by Marcin Kornak – a human rights activist, poet, and the founder of The NEVER AGAIN Association. Sadly, Marcin passed away back in 2014, however his memory lives on in this record and the re-release is dedicated to him and the work that he has done. The album was originally released in 1998 on CD and cassette by the independent label QQRYQ Productions as the second part of the ‘Music Against Racism’ series. It is now an historic collection of music that is a statement of resistance against intolerance and violence.

Marcin was also the editor-in-chief of the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ journal and the initiator of the groundbreaking register of hate crimes in Poland, known as the ‘Brown Book’. In his time, he worked with many independent rock bands. Unfortunately, from the age of fifteen, he found himself in an accident which cause him to have a physical disability. In 2011, he was awarded the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta – one of the highest honours in Poland.

When it was first released, Marcin warned;

 ‘Racism is fostered through ignorance. It is the type of ideology which always leads to atrocity, because its main component is hatred against diversity. Humans, on the other hand, although the same in their nature, differ in their culture, religion, convictions, the colour of their hair, eyes, skin… and that is wonderful, because it makes this world and this life so fascinating. This is also why racial categorization is so dangerous – it threatens the most fundamental human right, the right to exist’.

The record is a mix of musical styles from a diverse group of artists showcasing their talents. Some of these include British bands that were known for their anti-racism activism such as Chumbawamba and Zion Train. Others are from all over the globe including Polish musicians Robert Brylewski (with Falarek), Tymon Tymanski (with Kury).

It’s fair to say that Marcin was an exceptional man, and we could all do with following his lead in making the world a kinder place. For more information on “One Race – Human Race. Music Against Racism: Part 2”, and to dive deeper into all the incredible things they do to stand up against racism, be sure to visit The NEVER AGAIN Association website. You can also check out their Facebook and Twitter for future updates!

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