MUSIC REWIND: Ed Sheeran – ‘+’ vs. ‘No 6. Collaborations Project’

Welcome back to the Music Rewind series, where we look over and compare the first and last released album of some of your favourite artists. This week it’s Ed Sheeran!

With the success of his catchy new single ‘Bad Habits’ we’ve fallen back in love with Ed’s discography.

Released almost 10 years ago in September 2011, the release of ‘+’ was the start of a massive career for Ed Sheeran. ‘Drunk’ was a single released hit and remains a fan favourite amongst listeners. This track really displays how talented he is with his song writing, filled with rhyming metaphors.

‘Wake Me Up’ is a classic ballad style track that we’ve learned to love from Ed. The track is about appreciating what a loved one might see as a flaw, and realising that those little things are the reasons you love them.

‘The City’ has a more urban vibe, and still suiting the staple Ed Sheeran sound. The catchy backing track flows tremendously throughout the song, complementing his voice perfectly!

Ed’s most recent released album is ‘No.6 Collaborations Project’. With a totally different idea, the whole album is collaborations with many of your favourite artists.

The first song on the album is ‘Beautiful People’ ft. Khalid. The harmonising blends together of both artists, and is a super easy listen. The lyrics describe the feeling of looking at the perfect and and popular people we come across, and the understanding that not all people can be that way. It’s all about being comfortable in yourself and it’s not always a bad thing if you don’t fit in!

Later in the album, is ‘I Don’t Care’ ft. Justin Bieber. Describing the feeling of being with the one you love and having your worries fade away in their company, this was certainly a summer bop of 2019.

‘Way To Break My Heart’ ft. Skrillex is another favourite amongst listeners. The lyrics acknowledge the feeling of self blame when it comes to a relationship breaking down, and the questions that follow wondering what that person is up to now.

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