NNIC Drops Dark New Single ‘Chase Dream’

Nnic has released her new Billie Eilish inspired track, ‘Chase Dream’. You can listen to it on all major streaming platforms!

Nnic has an incredible talent for combining both of her passions, soul vocals and ethereal productions. With a total of over 2 million streams on Spotify from single releases alone, her previous tracks can be found on many popular Spotify playlists.

‘Chase dream’ has the haunting sound that’s not often heard in music. From the very beginning, the spine tingling backing track combined with Nnic’s powerful vocals makes this a listen to remember.

Based on the anxious feeling running from day to night and encouraging disturbing dreams, Nnic touches on this almost taboo subject poetically. When she opened up to her friends about her experiences, she realised just how common flashbacks and bad dreams can be, a constant reminder that our conscious doesn’t have an off switch.

When discussing the track, Nicc said:

“The lyric ‘Run from every chase dream holding back the tears’ describes the feeling of delayed uncertainty. The track’s tone moves into a horror-pop sphere with the chorus drawing from the striking production found in Billie Eilish’s ‘Bury a Friend’ and harsh seductive percussion in FKA Twigs’ ‘Video Girl’. The song is a peculiar ode to the experience of day-time anxiety running rampant into night-time, which often ends in disruptive and disturbing dreams.”

The track is being released prior to her brand new E.P, ‘Slow Motion Fantasy’. This is due to be released on 30th July. With a mix of distorted realities, sleek electronic sound scapes and suburban attitudes, fans are thrilled to experience the escapism designed for the EP.

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