Luke Hemmings Releases Solo Single ‘Starting Line’

5 Seconds of Summer singer, Luke Hemmings, has recently released his first solo single titled “Starting Line.” the track is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms!

Luke Hemmings has been blowing his fans away lately with a string of exciting announcements. He posted on his socials recently to announce that he has been working on a solo music project, and is now ready to share it with the world. He posted on his Twitter that he will be dropping a collection of songs that will be called “When Facing the Things We Turn Away From” – an album that is due to be released on the 13th of August.

His new single “Starting Line” is the first glimpse that we witness ahead of the new album. It’s a beautiful track that gradually builds into something wonderful the more you listen to it. It begins with a simple piano melody, before then working it’s way up into what can only be described as an absolute belter. Luke’s vocals make the track truly what it is. The low tones are addictive, and the constant build will have you immediately hooked. The single was also released alongside a simple, yet affective music video which can now be viewed via YouTube below;

When talking about the track, Luke Hemmings Tweeted out;

“Starting Line was written in one stream of thought at my friend Sammy’s house. The lyrics come from a reflection of 10 years of my life passing me by in what felt like forever but also in the blink of an eye. I have always had an obsession with time but it was elevated by staying at home after years of constant movement.”

All of us have found ourselves becoming obsessed with time. We’re all in a rush in our lives and feel the pressures of society, that we get lost and forget to appreciate life for what it truly is. By reflecting on the last ten years of his life, Luke has been able to perfectly describe what it’s like to accidentally watch you life pass you by within his lyrics.

Luke has the support from his 5SOS bandmates as well as his fans. We’re sure that “When Facing the Things We Turn Away From” is going to be one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year and we can’t wait to hear it. To keep up to date on this solo project, be sure to follow Luke Hemmings on Twitter and Instagram! It’s something that you don’t want to miss out on.

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