Charlotte Sands Shares New Single ‘Bad Day’

Images by Jacqueline Day

Singer-songwriter, Charlotte Sands, has recently released her brand-new single “Bad Day.” The track is now available to listen to via all major streaming platforms!

Charlotte Sands was raised surrounded by 2000s pop-punk. The influence that she received growing up within this genre of music has shown in her later life with her new single “Bad Day.” Avril Lavigne vibes are all over it, yet the songstress has managed to keep her own originality. Charlotte wishes to give her listeners a sense of optimism within her music. The message in “Bad Day” tells us that it’s okay to have our down days. It’s important to feel our emotions and to set aside time to deal with them in a healthy way. This enlightening piece of wisdom is told through catchy melodies, insane guitar instrumentation, and Charlotte’s fantastic vocals.

When talking about the single, Charlotte Sands explains;

“So often in life, we’re told to be positive and get over things quickly, but I’ve always felt that we need to fully feel every emotion in order to move on. ‘Bad Day’ is about recognizing your lows so that you’re able to grow. When everything feels like it’s going wrong and the world is falling down around you, leaning into that feeling of being at rock bottom is sometimes the only thing that can make you better.”

This incredible track was also accompanied by an intense music video which is definitely worth a watch. The video can now be viewed via YouTube below;

If you grew up within the same era, then listening to “Bad Day” will give you sense of nostalgia. If you’re on the hunt for something new, then this is still the song for you. 2000s pop-punk mixed with the modern day sounds is the perfect combination.

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