R3HAB and Kelvin Jones Share New Single ‘Downtown’

R3HAB and Kelvin Jones have recently joined forces for their current single titled “Downtown.” This energetic track is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms!

“Downtown” expresses all the energy you need this summer! It’s infectious beats and easy to learn lyrics will have you craving for the dance floor. Are you in need for a night out on the town? Or are you more of a “chill in the park with friends and a beer” kind of person? No matter which category you fall into, this single is perfect for both scenarios.

R3HAB is known for bringing all the vibes with his collaborations and remixes for some of the biggest artist in the industry such as Rihanna, Drake, Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris, The Chainsmokers, and Lady Gaga. This time, he has decided to collaborate with British–Zimbabwean Germany-based singer/songwriter Kelvin Jones. The pair have proven that they are the ultimate dream team as they have created one hell of a belter. Kelvin’s soulful vocal over the top of R3HAB’s insane bass lines tell a tale of luxury party nights out in the big city.

The single was also accompanied by a music video which was able to bring the song to life. The video is now available to view via Youtube below;

When talking about the single, R3HAB explains;

‘Downtown’ is a club-inspired record with a bouncy beat drop and a pulsing bassline that support powerful vocals from Kelvin Jones. We wanted to capture the magic of the perfect night in the city. You’re with your friends, the club’s bass is beating through your blood, your legs are sore from dancing all night, you feel invincible.”

Kelvin Jones further adds;

‘Downtown’ is a mood in a song! We imagined how it would feel to be in New York cruising downtown in a Cadillac and what song you’d want to hear. This inspired the whole song. In an era where every song is overloaded with things going on, we decided to go against that and keep it as minimal and laid back as we could whilst still keeping the groove going.”

Both artists generate millions of streams with their other music. Kelvin sees a massive 3.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify, whilst R3HAB sees an astonishing 20.5 monthly listeners! It’s fair to say that “Downtown” will be a massive hit.

For further updates on what the pair are up to on their solo endeavours, be sure to check out their socials below.

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