Lexi Jayde Shares New Single ‘Bedroom Walls’

Songstress Lexi Jayde has shared her stunning new track dedicated to her safe space, ‘Bedroom Walls’. The track is now available to stream on Spotify!

Lexi Jayde is an LA based songwriter and pop artist, who has been writing songs since she was six years old, and has worked with popular producers and writers such as Jenna Andrews, Sam de Jong, Captain Cuts and Keith Varon.

Lexi has amazingly amassed over six million global streams. She has also appeared on several popular Spotify playlist, including ‘Indie Pop’ and ‘Indie Pop & Chill’. The new single comes after the success of previous single releases of ‘Newbury Park’ and ‘Running in Place’.

‘Bedroom Walls’ has a perfect combination of dreamy vocals from Lexi, and the indie pop backing track. The creative lyrics will have listeners relating from the very beginning, with its’ genius image of home. A lot of us can relate to the song – knowing you have a place of comfort that you can be who you really are.

When discussing the track, Lexi said:

“This song expresses a feeling that I think we’ve all gone through. My bedroom is my safe space. I feel like when I’m in my room it’s the one moment out of my crazy life that allows me to focus on myself and be present. Having that time is so important and it’s those little moments that matter!”

Lexi’s sound is ever evolving, and has gained much popularity since her career began. Inspired by big artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Lennon Stella, Clairo and Tame Impala, she has truly created her own sound that fans can’t wait to hear more of. Not afraid to share how she feels through music, Lexi is a great Gen-Z advocate, voicing her thoughts on emerging from youth to adulthood.

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