Breagh Isabel Releases Single ‘Girlfriends’

Breagh Isabel has released her new single ‘Girlfriends’, sharing her coming of age story. You can listen to it here!

Breagh Isabel is a singer songwriter from Halifax, however was born in Cape Breton Island. With an already impressive back catalogue of experience, she has written for and been featured on several songs with artists such as BANNERS, Ria Mae, Classified and Donovan Woods.

While in lockdown due to the pandemic, she threw herself into production and signed a publishing deal with Concord Music. With an existing amass of success with features on hit shows such as Greys Anatomy and Batwoman, Breagh has now reached into making her own material and displaying her vulnerabilities.

‘Girlfriends’ is a song about a common type of heartbreak, having that lovesick feeling as a teenager in less welcoming times. The song was born in a session with Canadian songwriter Simon Wilcox, who has worked with the likes of Selena Gomez, Lennon Stella and Nick Jonas. An incredible and heartfelt story of wanting to be ‘Girlfriends’, but just being ‘Girl Friends’.

As well as the song release, there is also an accompanying music video. The two really go hand in hand, showing two high school students (played by Carolyn Yu and Cassidy Foley) navigate their emotions at such a confusing time. The video was funded by MVP Project, directed by Tamara Black and produced by Shelby Manton. You can watch it here:

When discussing the track, Breagh said:

“I had no firm intention of delving into a solo artist project when I wrote ‘Girlfriends,’ but the song easily became the most honest thing I had ever written. I started to feel like I had something to say that might resonate. The song is about little – and sometimes big – moments and thoughts I didn’t know what to do with at the time, but now realize were just expressions of me figuring out who I am.”

The incredibly emotional vocals from Breagh compliments the lyrics perfectly. With the bouncy electric guitar and emotional story telling, we are sure this track will be on repeat for a lot of you for a while. Breagh’s coming of age story is told perfectly through breezy vocals and passion.

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