Screentalk Release Debut Single ‘Mountain Soda’

Credit: Ewan Ogden

Screentalk have released their exciting new debut single ‘Mountain Soda’. The song is now available to listen to on all major music platforms!

From Liverpool, England, Screentalk are made up of Sean Currie on lead vocals, Stuart Mcnaughton on let’s and synth, Sam Varney on guitar, Gianpaolo Carnevalo on bass and Dan Moore on drums. Surprisingly, the group formed as a result of a friendly football match between Liverpool FC and Bradford FC. While discussing future plans over beers, they saw the potential for a new project.

With their truly distinctive sound, it wasn’t long until Screentalk were thrilling fans and listeners by recording new music.

Due to the struggles of Covid 19, the track has a clear determination and drive that isn’t often heard in songs. The song absolutely acreage fun and has an incredibly energetic feel in its production. The track works perfectly with the vocals from Sean, and the eclectic alt-rock sound from the band. Either way – you’ll be adding this boo to your playlist in no time!

When discussing the track, Sean Currie said:

“The song is about the realisation that a bond has been broken and won’t ever be fixed. Something that I always struggled with was worrying about what other people thought; the line in the chorus ‘life was laughing around me‘ is a reference to that. You see people posting their perfect lives on social media and once this tough period in my life came about I didn’t have the emotional tools to deal with it. It’s something that I’ve gotten over in recent years. Knowing that everyone has struggles and there’s always someone who has felt the same way.”

The single was produced by Kurran Karbal (Munkey Junkey and guitarist for ZUZU), at his recording studio in Birkenhead, Wirral. Recording was scheduled for March 2020 however due to the pandemic, plans had to change.

Much of the song was arranged over Zoom in the peak of the pandemic. Trying to make arrangements as easy as possible, the band would send demo versions to Kurran via email to tweak along the way.

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