Master KG Teams Up With Akon & David Guetta for ‘Shine Your Light’

Producer and Songwriter Master KG has teamed up with David Guetta and Akon for ‘Shine Your Light’. You can listen to it here!

With its’ fresh burst of motivating lyrics and summer vibes, ‘Shine Your Light’ is definitely a summer anthem. With the ability to show off their different sounds and styles, you’ll be happy to see this dream collaboration work together.

The release comes after the success of Master KG’s previous single ‘Jaruselema’. The track accumulated a humongous 800 million streams worldwide, as well as 7 billion views on TikTok, complete with a dance challenge to the track. The viral movement reached some of the biggest names of our time, such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Janet Jackson!

Master KG has previously taken the African culture my storm, with ‘Jeruselema’ hitting #1 on the global Shazam chart and reaching the top 5 on European airplay charts.

‘Shine Your Light’ is also accompanied with a colourful lyric video. You can watch it below:

When discussing the new track, Master KG said:

“I am blessed and excited to have collaborated with not one but two legends in David Guetta and Akon. ‘Shine Your Light,’ is special for me because it not only combines our different styles of music, but also spreads a positive message. Join us as we unite the world with love through music once again. Wanitwa Mosss”

‘Shine Your Light’ has the ultimate summer vibe. You will be wanting to hit the dance floor before the first chorus! The catchy backing track will have you longing for summer nights with your pals. This really is the summer bop of 2020.

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