Von Boyage Release Fantastic New Single ‘Laissez Faire’

LA-based duo Von Boyage have recently released their brand-new single titled “Laissez Faire.” The track is now available to stream via Spotify!

“Laissez Faire” is an atmospheric masterpiece! It captivates you from the moment you press that play button. The eeriness radiates an energy that is almost dreamlike. The sound allows you to escape to a far away place and forget about reality for a couple of minutes (unless you’re likely to have the song on repeat). The lyrics talk about letting go of a long-term relationship after it turns long-distance. A topic many are sure to resonate with.

When speaking of the track, one half of Von Boyage, Christoper Hocker explains;

“Sometimes in life it is best to adopt a “Laissez Faire” approach and stop trying to control everything. Letting nature take its course is sometimes the best policy.”

The sound oozes with a charm like no other. Alongside the release, the pair also dropped a music video where the story was bought to life for your eyes as well as your ears. The video is available to view via YouTube below;

Von Bocage consists of frontman Christopher, and drummer Stevie Noah. The sound of their music is highly inspired 1980s beats, and is filled with catchy synths that leave you wanting more. The name Von Boyage translates to “a boy’s journey through life.” A name that perfectly captures that meaning behind the band themselves.

“Laissez Faire” deserves a spot on your playlist, and Von Bocage have to be on your radar from here onwards. It’s a decision that you won’t regret. To keep up to date on what they are up to, be sure to follow them on their website and Instagram!

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