Photo Credit: Sophie Gragg

BXB LOVE has recently dropped her brand-new banger titled “IGNORANCE SONG.” The track is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms!

“IGNORANCE SONG” is an extremely catchy track that you’ll want to rock out too. There is a charm to it that will instantly have you hooked. BXB LOVE showcases her artistic expression with addictive beats, and relatable lyrics. She uses her craft to breakdown personal, projected and perceived barriers. By releasing that out into the world, she’s urging her listeners to do the same.

When talking about the track, BXB LOVE explains;

“It’s about letting go of your perceived and projected identities, and realizing that we just ARE. Life is a performance, and we can choose the labels and identities that we use to express our being, without being attached to them. We get to grow, evolve, change, shed. And there’s really nothing to prove to anyone once you free yourself of the belief that you need to prove your worth, or validate/justify how you choose to express your being. It’s my anthem to a generation that is rewriting what identity means and the ways in which we choose to express that.”

This song is an absolute anthem about self-discovery. We can only imagine what “IGNORANCE SONG” will sound like live, with a crowd singing those lyrics together without a care in the world. It’s a dream we like to picture. It is the second single from BXB LOVE – aka Natasha Pheko. Her first single being “matrix,” which landed on Spotify’s coveted ‘Fresh Finds’ and ‘New Music Friday’ playlists. The two songs are completely apart from each other. “matrix” is an acoustic lead track, whilst “IGNORANCE SONG” will get you off your feet, chanting every lyric. Both different in style, but both pack the same punch.

We don’t believe for one-second that this will be the last we hear of BXB LOVE. To keep up to date on future releases, be sure to follow the songstress on Twitter and Instagram!

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