Cassandra Releases Fun Single ‘21 Ragin’

Cassandra has recently released her new single ‘21 Ragin’. The track is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms!

When Cassandra started attending high school, she began to experiment in writing her thoughts and feelings down, through song writing. With a full back catalogue of hits, she chose not to release them until recently. It wasn’t until early into the Covid pandemic that Cassandra realised her passion for music and true potential for song writing. From here, she started writing and recording her own material.

The songstress is a trained opera singer, and has an incredible vocal range spanning over four octaves. Cassandra has the power to weave in and out of difficult vocal runs that other singers in the industry would struggle with.

‘21 Ragin’ is released soon after the success of ‘Made For Me’, her EP released in April of this year. The track truly celebrates what we have all been longing for since last year, the want to make new memories with friends and forget about the worlds’ hardships. A lot of us haven’t been able to go out and dance with our besties for quite some time now, however this will certainly be the track to play when that time comes again. Which hopefully, will be very soon!

When discussing the track, Cassandra said:

“21 Ragin was born from my desire to go out and have fun with friends after the year 2020, especially since I just turned 21. This song is filled with nightlife energy and I hope it gets you fired up to dance and celebrate 2021!”

At the moment, Cassandra is attending the New England Conservatory of Music and studying Classical Voice and Opera.

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