BBC Release Season 6 of Line of Duty

The season six finale of Line Of Duty was aired on Sunday, you can watch all episodes on BBC iPlayer.

The show follows the police unit AC12, based on anti-corruption within the force. Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) and Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) join forces to follow a number of leads, in order to find the corrupted officers who are guilty of organised crime. Managing the team is Ted Hastings (like the battle), played by Adrian Dunbar, who will have his catchphrases looping round in your mind for weeks!

If you are looking for a police based drama with on-going storylines, this is definitely one to watch. With a combination of new and existing plots, each season ties together. You will learn terminology you have never heard before, and be making your own assumptions in no time!

Season one looks at the work of Tony Gates, a highly ranked officer within the police force. With his figures looking dodgy and potential laddering, AC12 discover more than they were expecting. Season two explores a new officer, Detective Inspector Lindsay Denton. When a police convoy escorting a witness protection scheme is attacked, Denton is questioned as the officer who organised the escort. But is she really guilty?

Season three discovers Sergeant Danny Waldron and his team, evidently making questionable choices, which will make you ask why these decisions are made. Season four shows DCI Roseanne ‘Roz’ Huntley investigated after being accused of deliberately overlooking evidence of a crime, while season five displays DS John Corbett working undercover for a Organised Crime Unit.

Finally, the most recent season six ties together long-standing questions and answers questions you’ve had since season one. With some old and new faces, you certainly won’t be expecting how this one ends.

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