INTERVIEW – Sofia Lafuente Chats About New EP ‘Control’

Today (30th of April), talented songstress Sofia Lafuente released her outstanding new EP titled “Control.” The EP is now available to stream on Spotify!

“Control” sees five emotional, honest, and raw tracks that are likely to stab you right in the chest – but in the best possible way. Sofia Lafuente has a way with storytelling that will likely take you on an emotional rollercoaster. The lyrics are so powerful and relatable, it’s difficult not to feel something. One of these tracks is leading single “Cut Deep.” A highly addictive song that truly packs a punch. The pounding drums and bass that can be heard throughout the song will travel through your entire body. Pair that instrumentation with Sofia’s stunning vocals and you will be instantly hooked. Other songs include the heart-wrenching “Hurt You,” the eerie “Here Again, and the beautiful “Draw The Line.”

The song writing on this EP is impeccable. You will find youself enchanted upon listening. We wanted to know a little bit more about the process Sofia went through when creating this album in more depth. Here is what happened when we caught up with her to have a chat about all things music!

Hey Sofia! Thanks for having a chat with us. We hope you’re doing well?

Yes I am, thanks for having me. 

So, you’re releasing your new single “Cut Deep.” It’s absolutely stunning! Why don’t you start by telling us a bit about it? How did it come about?

Thank you so much! It was written a little before lockdown started and it actually came about really organically. I wasn’t actually sure what I wanted to write about that day but had brought in some references to Alex E (who produced the track) and we began to lay down some vocal layers that you hear in the intro. The more we built up the track the clearer the visual I had of where I wanted the song to go. 

It’s rather an emotional track. What is the inspiration behind the lyrics? How do you channel those emotions when creating a song so powerful?

I think being a pretty emotional person I’ve definitely felt like people have seen me as ‘too much’ at times in relationships. The older and more comfortable I’ve gotten with myself I began to realise that I’m just not interested in superficial relationships and I crave depth and that’s ok. I’d always wanted to write a song almost as a bit of a warning to anyone who wants to be with me, just saying ‘hey if you’re down to get deep and be vulnerable and help each other grow I’m your girl, but otherwise it’s best to keep moving.’ When I’m writing about something that feels really authentic and comes from a vulnerable place, the emotions just come out naturally so it was easy with a song like Cut Deep because I mean every word haha. 

The single is being released at the same time as you EP “Control” What would you say is your favourite track on the EP and why?

It changes often but right now it’s ‘Hurt You’. Writing about vulnerability is one of my favorite things because I think there are few spaces in everyday life where we can embrace those parts of ourselves. Everyone has experienced heartbreaks and traumas in so many different forms, but we rarely give ourselves the space and the patience to heal them. When I was writing ‘Hurt You’ I was thinking about the fact that when we enter romantic relationships often these old hurts come up in ways that they don’t in normal life. I think the song is one of the most gentle moments on the ep. 

Could you describe your song writing process for us? Does it vary depending on your mood? How do you overcome writer’s block?

Songwriting is kind of like therapy so usually the things that come out in songs are the thoughts that I’ve been pushing down throughout the week haha. Music has this way of unlocking how I’m actually feeling about something in a way that only happens when melody and chords are involved. Sometimes I’ll have a concept in mind or I’ll be in a certain mood but usually it just comes out in mumbled nonsense that then I have to piece together. Something that’s helped me a lot with writer’s block is switching whatever instrument I’m writing on. After a while I’ll stop feeling inspired by certain chords if I’ve been writing on the piano for too long for example,  so then I’ll try and write to a drum loop or to a different instrument and that usually really helps. 

If I asked you to write a song based on what you are feeling right now, what would it be about and what would it be called?

Right now it would probably be about feeling hungry…but I could make it a metaphor? So maybe about wanting to get back to how life was pre Covid? ‘Hunger’ for more studio time? I am definitely dying to get back to work in real studios with real live humans. 

If you could collaborate/write/work with anyone in the music industry, who would it be and why?

This is such a hard question! I can’t choose one but top three, I would love to write with Amy Allen, Jon Bellion or Justin Vernon. I am obsessed with their lyrics and melodies and Bon Iver’s soundscapes are like paintings I want to jump into. 

How did you start out in music? What was that defining moment in your life where you thought; “this is the path I want to go down?”

I started singing lessons when I was 8 but I fell in love with writing after having back surgery at 13 when I had to stay home for a few months. I think I honestly always knew I loved performing, but when I started playing songs I had written to adults and they would be impressed or even have an emotional response to it, that’s when I thought ok maybe I’ve got something to work with here. 

Of course, every performer is dying to get out and perform again! What would you say would be your dream venue to perform in and why?

The Roundhouse has always been my dream venue. I watched The Civil Wars perform there when I was maybe 14 and I just loved the space and the acoustics, it was magic. 

We want to know who you’re listening to at the moment. Can you recommend your top 5 favorite songs that are currently on your playlist?

Some songs I’m obsessed with at the moment are ‘Moral of The Story’ by Ashe, ‘Dionne’ by The Japanese House, ‘sex is good (but have you tried..) by Donna Missal, ‘Like Me’ by Greta Isaac and…. ‘Dolerme’ by Rosalia. Guess I’m in a real feminist mood lately. 

Finally, can you tell us of any future plans that you may have?

I am so excited about the release of Control and hopefully have some virtual performances coming up too. After that, all I can say is I’m definitely just getting started. 

“Control” is an EP you need to check out. You won’t regret giving it a listen. Allow Sofia to transport you to a peaceful place where you can just appreciate the good music, and relax.. To keep up to date on what Sofia Lafuente is up to, be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! The full tracklisting for the EP can be found below;

Control Tracklist:

  1. State Of Flux
  2. Cut Deep
  3. Intro Cut Deep
  4. Hurt You
  5. Here Again
  6. Draw The Line

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