Fifi Rong Drops Stunning Visual for ‘Only Man’

Multi-talented songstress, Fifi Rong, has recently dropped a beautiful music video for her latest single “Only Man.” The video is now available to view via YouTube below;

“Only Man” is a captivating track that will feature on Fifi’s upcoming, self-produced solo album “There Is A Funeral In My Heart For Every Man I Loved.” The singer has one of the most enchanting vocals that you will ever hear. You will instantly find yourself in a deep trance upon hearing “Only Man.” The listening experience is so addictive, like a drug you keep going back to.

The music video is just as addicting. You witness wonderful, and aesthetically pleasing imagery and camera work. It’s eerie vibes create an atmosphere that perfectly encapsulates the meaning behind the track and partners perfectly with Fifi’s unique vocals. There’s something deep and meaningful behind it.

When talking about the music video, Fifi Rong explains;

“‘Only Man’ was filmed in Berlin by Zee Marla Osh, Video Siren. It was one of the most spontaneous videos we have done. Zee saw the sunset being very intoxicating that evening when we arrived at the location and just went for it. I’m especially impressed with her editing as it’s very experimental, bold, mixing retro and modern styles into something of her own. She also took note of every subtle detail of my music production and reflected in the visual editing, especially on the tape fx sections of the songs!”

The songstress was originally born in Beijing before moving to London where she is now based. She has found inspiration from the Trip-hop stylings of Portishead, Helicopter Girl and Tricky to the acapella voice of a shaman from Peru and the texture of Wong Kar Wai’s movies. Musically, her sound can be compared to the likes of Bjork, Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Fraser, FKA Twigs, ANOHNI and Massive Attack. Whilst she can be compared to these artists, her sound is unmistakeably her own. She may draw influneces from other musicians, but she uses those influences to stand out amongst the rest.

“Only Man” is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms, so be sure to check that out! To keep up to date on future releases, you can follow Fifi Rong on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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