The Bad Dreamers Release Music Video for ‘Georgetown’

The Bad Dreamers have released an Exorcist-inspired music video for their single ‘Georgetown’. The music video is now available to watch via YouTube below;

Inspired by the classic 1973 horror film ‘The Exorcist’, the new music video for ‘Georgetown’ is certainly a must see. The single itself is taken from The Bad Dreamers’ upcoming album named ‘Space and Time’, due for release on 23rd April. The album is now available to pre-order here!

The video is shown from the perspective of Father Damian Karras, battling with his faith to fight for the soul of young Regan MacNeil. This is tied together nicely with the lyrics, that are also written from Karrass’s point of view. The words depict a hypothetical conversation between him and the ‘Devil’, who turns out to be the demon ‘Pazuzu’.

After so much time since the original ‘The Exorcist’, The Bad Dreamers have portrayed their own interpretation in the modern world. If you’re either a fan of the original, or want to view a music video where the lyrics and video attach perfectly, this really is a music video you shouldn’t miss.

Based in LA, The Bad Dreamers is a project created by David Shuler, perfectly combining synthwave and nostalgia to innovate modern pop. The sound showcases Shulers’ balance of production, song-writing, and so many other aspects that help create the perfect song. He’s also worked with artists such as John Legend, New Politics, P!nk and many more.

‘The Bad Dreamers’ has been a great way for Schuler to explore a personal approach with his releases. Since his first single released in 2018, he has amassed an impressive following with his poetic lyrics and melodic style.

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