Dana Rexx Campaigns To Raise Awareness For Domestic Violence

Songstress, Dana Rexx, is campaigning to raise awareness for domestic abuse. She has kicked off this campaign by releasing her hard-hitting song “Love Syndrome.” The music video for the track can be viewed below;

Domestic abuse is a subject that needs to be talked about in terms of media, but also in our everyday lives. Every day, 137 women are killed by a family member. Even when the abuse is not physical, the emotional abuse and manipulation can be just as damaging for the victim. Since the hardships of COVID-19 began, statistics surrounding domestic abuse have risen. Dana’s goal is to raise awareness around this taboo subject. To highlight that not all abuse is physical, and how it is a major problem in todays society that should not be ignored.

When talking about her campaign, Dana Rexx says;

“I’ve had my share of abusive relationships. Being bullied into submission, not even realising that my identity was being erased because of someone else’s insecurities. Inside each of us there is a powerful force caged by culture, tradition and outdated teachings that suppress our best qualities and cripple our true creativity. Fight for your right to be yourself! ALWAYS!

“Love Syndrome” is a powerful track with an equally powerful music video. It is a chilling interpretation of the psychological imprisonment one feels when you are in a domestic violence situation. How trapped you feel to be living with it day in, day out. The singer also hosts a podcast titled “Unboxing Women.” In the podcast, she explores why women in the music business are marginalised and discusses the gender gap with her co-host and special guests.

If domestic abuse is something that you are going through, then you don’t have to struggle alone. Helplines for 49 European countries can be found here, and USA helplines can be found here.

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