Tom Auton Drops New Single ‘Victim Of The Groove’

Welsh singer Tom Auton has recently released his brand-new single titled “Victim Of The Groove.” The track is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms!

“Victim Of The Groove” sucks you in from the moment you press play. You will be blown away by the insane rock guitars and the pounding bass riff. The track was self-produced by Tom at Longwave Studios and was mastered by Robin Schmitd – who has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry including Liam Gallagher, The 1975, and Nothing But Thieves. The tracks a combination of rock, mixed in with a sort of disco sound to create a unique groovy blues blend.

When talking about the track, Tom Auton explains;

“Victim of The Groove ironically explores the hatred I have towards myself, when I can’t write a new song. I explore this hatred… by writing a new song. Throughout the verses I frivolously wallow in a pool of self-pity, tearing myself down at every line. Then get to the pre chorus, I explain that self-doubt is part and parcel of being a musician.”

“Victim Of The Groove” encourages you to not have doubts in what you are putting out to the world. To not be afraid of that you can’t reach your previous successes. Tom further explains;

“I invite people into the world of being an independent artist, cycling between two main emotions; thinking your god’s gift, when you write a good song and feeling worthless, when you can’t. I sum up the song with the title – “I’m a Victim of The Groove”.

This battle started back in 2016 when Tom received a bad mix of one of his singles. This then led him frantically buying expensive equipment that allowed him to mix the single himself. Four years later and he now feels like he is living his rock and roll dream. He now produces his own records and produces and co-writes for other artists including Dan Owen, John Adams, Amber Leigh Irish and The Voice’s Chanel Yates & Jake O’Neil.

The singer has a lot to offer to the world in terms of music, so be sure to follow Tom Auton on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for further updates!

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