Emma Stone Looks Fierce in Disney’s ‘Cruella’ Trailer

Social media has gone crazy over the new trailer and poster of Disney’s “Cruella” starring Emma Stone.

“Cruella” is to be a re-make of the well-loved film “101 Dalmatians” that was based on the wonderful novel by Dodie Smith. This time, the plot will be centred around one of the most hated villains in Disney’s history Cruella de Vil – a bitter woman who adores fur and kidnaps Dalmatian puppies to kill and wear. Disney posted out to the world on Twitter with an official poster – and Emma Stone will be playing the notorious villain.

Today (17th of February), Disney also dropped the official trailer giving fans even more reason to be excited. Here, we are able to have a glimpse as to what the film will entail. The trailer is now available to view on Walt Disney Studios Youtube channel below;

The trailer sees the stunning 32-year-old actress do what she does best. It looks dark, fierce, and absolutely insane and we are here for it. The star-studded cast also sees Paul Walter Hauser and Joel Fry. It has been said that “Cruella” focusses on what the villian got up to in her younger years. Maybe we will find out where she got her love for fur from? Or how she became such a vile, bitter, human being that kidnaps dogs? Either way, we’re excited. It’s already proven that Emma Stone is going to make a fine villian and will play the character exceptionally. The highly anticiapted film is due to be released on the 28th of May so be sure to mark that date in your calendars!

So, what did you think of the new trailer? Are you excited to see Emma Stone play Cruella de Vil? Let us know your thoughts over on our Twitter! – @AboutThe_Noise