HALLI Drops Stunning Single ‘Body Never Lies’

Stunning songstress HALLI releases her beautiful new single titled “Body Never Lies.” The track is now available to stream on Spotify!

HALLI has a talent to create simplistic pop music that are so well written and produced, it’s more like art for your ears. The pop-artist is currently based in Dublin, Ireland and her music is a collection of of minimalist synth-pop song. Quite unlike what you would typically hear in the charts, yet there is something about it that just works.

When talking about “Body Never Lies,” HALLI explains;

“Having moved to rural Netherlands as an act of self-isolation (under the guise of an artistic retreat) I eventually ended up bedridden from self-neglect. During this time, I was forced to recognize that my body deserved the same level of care as my emotional and mental wellbeing – and that there are repercussions to ignoring that balance. I think the song was a way to finally admit that I was mistreating myself. It’s an honest reminder of the body’s fragility and how it will always mirror how it is treated.”

Alongside the release, a music video was also dropped. The video sees a blend of majestic colours and artsy camera work. It’s just as unique as the single itself and gives a rather hypnotic experience. The creativity successfully brought the single to life. The video can now be viewed below;

When talking about the creative process when making the video, the singer says;

“I filmed and edited the video over the course of a few weeks. It’s made up of several short vignettes all related to the theme of body dysmorphia and self-image. I wanted to explore the theme of delusion we can experience when looking at ourselves and the voyeuristic nature of identity. I used my own body and intimate camera work as tools for this.”

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