Cliche Cult Release New Single ‘Someone Like You’

Cliche Cult have just released their brand-new single ‘Someone Like You’. It is now available to stream on major streaming platforms here, and the lyric video can be found below;

From Leeds, Cliche Cult consists of Jimmy Sweeney on vocals and rhythm guitar, Robin Green on drums, Jake Clayton on lead guitar and Jimmy Ingham on bass. After the success of their first single, the boys are back with new single ‘Someone Like You’.

Forming in July 2020, Cliche Cult was born just after lockdown had been lifted in the UK for the first time. What makes this band special is their individual and unique interests and hobbies, that are formed together to make the perfect unit of musicians.

The new single ‘Someone Like You’ has a strong start, with each instrument individually introduced before the lyrics even begin. You can certainly tell that the bands’ inspirations come from the greats, such as Arctic Monkeys and Echo and the Bunnymen. Recorded in November 2020 at Beat Street studios with Darius Kiani and Tim Trucker’, the song is about admiration, claiming ‘we all want to be someone like you’. This track will certainly give you hope and will have you feeling good. This tune is a great reminder that even in your darkest times, there could be someone out there that wish they could be more like you.

If you’re a Radio X listener and a lover of indie, this is definitely a song for you. Pulling from strong inspirations with a catchy backing track, this is one for your favourite playlist. No matter what mood you’re in, ‘Someone Like You’ will certainly keep you going!

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